We will be pleased to offer you our interpreting services to take professional care of your bilingual or multilingual negotiations, conferences or other events; the content of the talks to be held must be in accordance with our company's focus.

JURISTRANS provides 3 types of interpreting services:

  • escort interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • conference (simultaneous) interpreting

Escort interpreting

In escort interpreting, an interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, on a visit, or to a meeting or interview. An interpreter in this role is called an escort interpreter or an escorting interpreter. This type of interpreting is also sometimes referred to as liaison interpreting.

Escort interpreting is employed to simply relay between two or more people the gist of what is being said.

Consecutive interpreting

As can be inferred from the term itself, consecutive interpreting describes the action where the interpreter's speech follows more or less immediately after the speaker's address and conveys its content fully into the language of the audience.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter starts speaking after the source text speaker has finished. (The speech may be divided into sections).

Normally, in consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is alongside the speaker, listening and taking notes as the speech progresses. When the speaker has finished, or comes to a pause, the interpreter reproduces (consecutively) the message in the target language, in its entirety and as though they were making the original speech.

Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting is also known as simultaneous interpreting. Interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth while the conference participants' speeches are transmitted to their headphones and they simultaneously interpret what they hear into the headphones of the other-language conference participants through a microphone. Conference interpreting requires high professionalism, concentration and invention.

Conference interpreting is generally simultaneous though it may be done with high consecutiveness in some cases.

In the event of conference interpreting the duration of which exceeds half an hour, it is necessary to use two interpreters who alternate at the microphone regularly.

In the event of conference interpreting where there are three or more languages to be interpreted from and into, every additional language which is to be used for over half an hour calls for two extra interpreters.

JURISTRANS provides two basic types of conference interpreting:

  • conference interpreting – high consecutiveness (incl. official record)
  • conference interpreting – simultaneous

If you require an estimated price for the interpreting of your event, please contact us directly.

Cancellation fee

High quality interpreters are valuable and they are in great demand. Since interpreters' engagements are typically planned well in advance, it is nearly impossible for an interpreter to procure a substitute engagement for a late cancelled order.

The above facts are reflected in the standard practice of late cancellation fees.

The cancellation fee applicable to a particular interpreting engagement is to be stipulated under the respective binding order of our interpreting services.