Legal translations

We cooperate exclusively with translators who are proven specialists in the field of legal translation. Effective and accurate translation of legal documents requires, besides being a professional translator proficient in the source and target languages, something more – a good grounding in basic legal terminology and the legal institutions of both countries' cultures.

Our translators and editors fall into one of the two following categories:

  • practising lawyers or professionals with a full or partial legal background that are at the same time linguists (approx. 70%)
  • professionals who have practised as in-house translators for major law firms and have long-term focus, additional specialised education and established expertise in legal translation (approx. 30%)

Our translations are, as a rule, performed by native speakers of the target language. Where this is not to be the case, we always notify you in advance.

One exception to this rule is the English language. Most of our translations form Czech into English are performed by Czech lawyer-linguists and subsequently reviewed and edited by a LEGAL PROOFREADER, i.e. a qualified native-speaking editor with a legal background.